The Tortured Geisha

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The Tortured Geisha is pleased to announce that our photo has been selected to represent Bondage Expo Dallas 2018.  

We will hopefully be updating our website during the month of October as we are woefully out of date!  We have many new acquisitions to share!    

Our kimono are vintage - hand selected by our suppliers in Japan.  These beautiful kimono can be worn everyday and everyway.

We provide personalized service - mixing and matching kimono, obi, and obijime to create a look that is distinctly yours.

The Tortured Geisha offers a one price option for affordable and accessible kimono.


             Kimono at 75.00, obi at 35.00, obijime and obiage at 10.00.

Occasional "special" pieces may be offered from time to time at higher prices.